Multipurpose robotized units

Packtris smallThe ALFI Technologies group includes many robotized solutions in its offer. It takes benefits of the latest advances in robotics and simplified user interfaces to offer robotic units that allow : – productivity gains – better flexibility – improved working conditions (less difficult) ALFI Technologies develops solutions that take the overall process into account as well as the environment of the line. Those solutions can include robots reassigned after modifications in the process. Those robotic units fulfill several functions thanks to the addition of multi-axis robots and to the use of multipurpose grippers. The company designs and customizes them, depending on the type of product. Those grippers are especially adapted to heavy products.

Some examples of functions fulfilled by a palletizing unit (see video below): – depalletizing boards, – locating non-compliant products, – evacuating non-compliant products, – supplying finishing units, – evacuating empty boards, – taking back products after finishing, – changing pallets, – palletizing and dropping off of dividing wooden brackets
The intensive use of digital technologies and 3D simulation enables to simulate and approve flows. With ALFI Technologies, simplifying operations starts from the designing of the project…        

Multipurpose robotized unit for kerbstones handling