Wet cast concrete production line

Fast return on investment
Solutions developed by the company  enable regular productions at high speed and with steady quality.

These production lines are designed to follow the developement of companies, from the simplest to the most automated with very few manual workstations.

The equipement allows the production of various types of items on the same line.

mobilier urbain recadrée Resistant, maintenance-free and with various design, the concrete environmental products have evolved to meet new needs in terms of housing construction, decoration, urban planning and public area. The use of soft concrete during their production allows a high quality finish and aspect. ALFI Technologies uses its unique expertise to offer turnkey installations for the production of vibrated and reinforced concrete environmental products :

» with carousel (more…)

» with racks (more…)

» with overhead crane (more…)

For the production of :

  • edging,
  • window sills,
  • paving and slabs,
  • fence  panels/fencing walls,
  • décorative wall  panel.