Global Insulation 2017

  SEPTEMBER 2017   Global Insulation Conference, Exhibition and Awards 2017   Global Insulation Conference will be held in Krakow, 25 and 26th September 2017. It will focus on insulation market trends, manufacturing advances, insulation applications and additive technologies.  ... Lire la suite »


STOP LOSING MONEY WITH DAMAGED PARCELS ! FIMEC Technologies carried out studies to understand parcels unloading The R&D team of FIMEC Technologies analyzed the shock on parcels during 3 different unloading processes: >> manual unloading, >> unloading with a traditional... Lire la suite »

Alfi Technologies is certified to ISO 9001

      Jan. 2016 Management de la qualité    Alfi Technologies est certifiée ISO 9001 Alfi Technologies est certifiée ISO 9001 : 2008 depuis la fin de l’année 2015. Cette certification valide toutes les démarches mises en œuvre par la... Lire la suite »

Global boards conference 2016

        Processing of boards and panel systems Alfi Technologies developed a range of facilities to handle panels of all types of materials, of all sizes and different weights. The company will exhibit at Global Boards conference in... Lire la suite »