Mold cleaning device

chevalet recadréeTo improve working conditions for maintenance operators,  ALFI Technologies developed specific equipment to help for  the  cleaning , control and maintenance of molds.

Placed outside in a washing area, theses devices ensure safety, efficiency and speed during the mold maintenance.  The ergonomics and user-friendliness enable easy work for the operator.    




For single or double mold (Only one size for mold bottom and tamper), in painted or galvanized finish for better durability,  the cleaning station includes :

  • A cleaning easel for the mold bottom

Additionnal equipment:

  • For tamper lifting:

– A complementary granty with hoist to lift the mold tamper and keep it in upper position during cleaning of the bottom,

  • For tamper cleaning :

– A kit that enables the adaptation of the tamper to the bottom cleaning easel or – A cleaning easel to install close to mold bottom easel. A fork lift truck carries the complete mold to the cleaning area – introduction of the tamper into the dedicated easel  –  lowering of forks (the  tamper stills in high position) – the fork lift truck places the mold bottom into the appropriate easel to be cleaned.


For dual-purpose solution, one easel instead of two:

  • A dual cleaning easel : single + double mold
  • An adaptation kit to clean single molds of different size (or double molds)

The range of cleaning station equipment is suitable for the molds with different size of brands: Adler, Pierre & Bertrand, Demler, Balbinot, Brouiller, and other…)