Global boards conference 2016

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  Processing of boards and panel systems

Alfi Technologies developed a range of facilities to handle panels of all types of materials, of all sizes and different weights. The company will exhibit at Global Boards conference in London.

Cement boards

>> Heating and forming conveyor

Equipped with "cleaning and washbox unit"

>> Waterjet cutting unit

>> Palletizing unit

>> Unrolling station

Gypsum boards

>> Board sorter

System allowing to pick panels of a pile of boards to remove one or several damaged boards.

>> Palletizing unit for gypsum boards

No pallet palletizing devices.

Panel assembly

>> De-palletizing

One gripper for all products: XPS, mineral wools, polyurethane

>> Panel assembly and gluing

Curtain, hot melt or fiberization processes

>> Stacking

XPS and complex bonded boards palletizing unit

>> Pressing unit

Wood fiber panel boards

Roof boards

>> Palletizing and storage equipment for roof boards



Come and meet us at Global Boards conference!

Alfi Technologies takes part in the 2nd Global Boards conference on January 25 and 26, 2016. A unique opportunity to meet us and discover our solutions for boards plants:

  • Upgrade you capacity and productivity
  • Engineering for new insulation plants
  • Optimization, upgrades of existing plant
  • Cold end lines for mineral wools
  • Complexing of wools, boards, panels
  • Insertion, gluing, demolding, pressing...

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